What is a Virtual Assistant and What do they do?


Are you wondering what is a Virtual Assistant and if it’s a great career? Wonder how Virtual Assistant serve and help businesses?

Having a business is all hard work. An entrepreneur has to wear many hats, from handling one task to another just to make the business run smoothly. Usually, there are tasks that made them frustrated and less inspired as they are not good or don’t know how to do it.

Well, the good news about this, there is now available solutions for the business owner or entrepreneur to take and to solve their business needs. Our technology now has many options and solution on outsourcing tasks, through this, the business owner or entrepreneur can outsource the task for their business to skilled and talented people. These people provide their services virtually and they are called Virtual Assistant.

What is a Virtual Assistant and how do they help your business?

Let me define what a Virtual Assistant is, a Virtual Assistant (also known as VA) is one of the fast emerging careers online but the set-up is different from a regular office employee. A Virtual Assistant is an independent entrepreneur or contractor working from their home office and uses a vast array of tools/apps to provide administrative, technical, social media, Pinterest, website designs or creative services to their clients from any part of the globe.

A Virtual Assistant can assist and handle other business tasks that need more support so the business owner can move forward and stay on top of their business goals.

A Virtual Assistant understands that business owners or entrepreneur are busy with endless to-do task. They understand how frustrating it is to figure out software’s/apps that business owners are not familiar with. So instead of working on those endless to-do tasks and takes more of their time and energy, they can hire a Virtual Assistant.

These people are skilled to handle and assist with needed tasks so that the entrepreneur can focus more on what inspires them best. To grow their business or to just simply giving them their much-needed vacation and time with their family.

Here are 15 lists of tasks that a Virtual Assistant can do to help businesses:

  • Social Media Accounts management

  • Pinterest Set-up and Management

  • Website Management and maintenance

  • Publish post on your blog

  • Graphic designs (Canva, PicMonkey)

  • Email Marketing (MailChimp, Mailerlite or Convertkit)

  • Scheduling tools (Hootsuite, Buffer, Tailwind, Boardbooster)

  • Online research and Data entry

  • Calendar Management

  • Email and File management

  • Podcast editing

  • Creating landing pages, Autoresponders for your site

  • Powerpoint presentations

  • Data Analysis

  • Customer Support

Those are 15 tasks that a VA can help an entrepreneur like you. but let me give you more idea should you decide to hire a VA. Read this blog post from hubstaff - The Ultimate guide to hiring a Virtual Assistant. This is a great article and gives you ample knowledge on the benefits of having a VA on your business.

However, there are VA's that don't have multiple skills and not trained with a certain tasks, but most are skilled enough to help and assist those struggling entrepreneurs, so when choosing to hire a Virtual Assistant to help you in your business make sure you did your research and you already know what tasks to delegate for them. You might feel overwhelm at first but once you find your right Virtual Assistant, I am positive that your relationship will turn out great.  Just be cautious when hiring one so you don't end up with headaches. 

And there you have it, I hope I have helped you in some ways to understand and learn this great option for you to outsource certain tasks in your business without costing you a bunch of money compared to hiring the regular office employee.

Are you needing a Virtual Assistant to help you with certain tasks? 

Let me know your pain points and Let’s chat on a plan on how I could serve your business.

Rio Jacinto