Ultimate resource guide to learn Pinterest


As a Virtual Assistant I need to learn profitable skills that I can show case to my clients. One of the skills that I decided to learn is Pinterest.

Why Pinterest? Well,  there are not so many VA yet offering this service and I love creating images. 

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Pinterest is sometimes mistakenly viewed as a social media when in fact, it is a search engine like how google works.

So, I though of adding this to my skills so I can help other women entrepreneurs, bloggers or business owners who needs this service to grow their business..  And since, I am starting to market my Virtual Assistant business and it is my goal to learn ways to help my business grow. I decided to learn how Pinterest works.

However, when I was starting to learn Pinterest, I find it difficult to connect each article that I read on the internet. As a new Pinterest user, I don’t have any idea on how to effectively use it plus the articles was not in a step by step guide that I could just easily study and learn. I have to do a lot of searching and bookmarking which takes so much of my time. I wish at that time that there is a one-stop blog post from someone that I could just reference. So, I thought of documenting the articles that helped me tremendously to learn Pinterest. I created this to share my resources for those who would want to learn Pinterest in a more easier way plus they will save them time instead of trying to connect each article they find on the internet. This resources are great to read for new users, bloggers, business owners or for virtual assistants who wanted to add this in their skill-set.

So without further-ado, here is

My Ultimate Beginners Guide to learn Pinterest.

A step by step guide for beginners

1.      The Basic of starting Pinterest account

  • Creating your Pinterest account

The first step is to Sign-up for your Pinterest account. But please keep in mind to log out of your Personal Pinterest account. You are not going to use that but instead you will sign up for Pinterest Business account. In this step you will learn how to update your account profile and so much more. So study and practice this step as this will be the basics of your Pinterest journey.

To learn the exact steps please click here 

  • Designing and creating Pinterest boards

Once you signed-up for your Business account, you need  to learn how to create beautiful Pinterest boards. You will be needing this board to separate each category and will be easier for you to find each boards that you have in your account. Below is my guides for you to learn on designing your boards.

How To Make Pinterest Board and Add Cover

How to design beautiful Pinterest boards  

Board ideas to copy

  • All about Rich Pins

Let’s get deeper with your Pinterest journey. This articles will be of great help for you to learn on how to enable rich pins. Take some time to study and practice what you’re going to learn on this articles and most of all enjoy your Pinterest journey. I assure you that in no time you will be a master on this.

 Adding Rich Pins on your blog 
 Anatomy of a Rich Pin

  • Adding a customized Pin-it button on your site

You might probably seen a customized Pin-it button somewhere on some images aside from the traditional red Pinterest logo.. Well, lucky for you because I got some articles for you to learn on how to create a customized Pin-it button. How cool is that? 

 For wordpress users 
 For squarespace users 

  •  Create and hide Vertical Pin Images

I am happy that you come this far, it only means that you have been learning some Pinterest skills and soon enough you will have the confidence to use this. You are now ready to learn the how to create Pin images and how or why you need to hide a Vertical Pin Images.

Hide Vertical Pin Images on your Blog post 
Create Pin Images for your blog post 


  • Board Clean-up time

Somehow you will be needing to clean-up your boards or to organize it, you can do this every 6 months or once a year. It depends on you but it also necessary that you learn this step.

Board Clean-up


  •  Using Pinterest keywords/SEO

It is always best to include appropriate keywords in your pin description, that way when people are searching they will reach your pin better than those pins without keywords.

Read the articles below to start learning about keywords and basic SEO.

How to get your pins to show up in pinterest searches

4 Pinterest tips to make your pins more searchable on Pinterest
Promoting Pins

2.    Grow your Pinterest with this awesome Tips and Strategies

How to use semi-loop pins using Tailwinds Pinterest Strategies using semi-loop pins Tailwind  
Pinterest Secrets and Tips and Tricks! 
5 Key Pinterest Strategies for Businesses


3.    Learn How To Track Results

After you learned the basics and the proper ways to use Pinterest, it is but my one last recommendation that you learn how to track your results. You need to understand the numbers or it’s analytics.

Below are some of the articles that could help you understand Pinterest even more.

Understanding Pinterest Analytics
How to use Pinterest analytics to improve your marketing
Mastering Tailwind Analytics Mastering Tailwind Analytics

Bonus Articles:

I have included also here some blog posts of other Pinterest users that I think you will be interested to read.

How I Increase Pageviews from 0 to 170k in 9 Months 
Pinterest Case Study: Why You Don’t Need Pinterest Followers
Pinterest Marketing Case Study: Pin Scheduling from Tailwind
Pinterest Do’s and Dont’s 

Wow, huge Congratulations for you! 

I am so happy and proud that you have made a commitment to set-up a time to learn to be a Pinterest VA!

I hope you have learned a tons with all the resources that I gathered just for you.

Rio Jacinto