The Hottest and Most Profitable Virtual Assistant Niches That Pays More

So, you’re thinking to start and launch a Virtual Assistant business as a side hustle? Well, good for you!

But let me remind you that when you start a VA business it is best to know your niche. When niching down it requires you to do some sort of self-reflection and you also need to examine your skill levels to figure out which certain area you could specialized in. An example of this is, if you are not an early morning person and doesn’t like talking on the phone, then don’t pick a niche that requires that from you. Instead, choose something you love, something that is more flexible and is more deadline based than daily time-based with no phone work.

Although, there are many different VA niches and there are many people who disagree today about what exactly a VA is. And some people say that a VA only performs administrative duties. While others say that a VA can do any service for their client from graphic design to content writing. Actually, the truth is, you can develop a VA business that is all your own and serves your clients in the way that you wish and what the client needs.


Like, if you’re adept at using social media to get the word out about events or other things in your local area you may be able to parlay those skills to becoming a social media manager to a business owner who lives anywhere. But you may want to choose the types of businesses you’d like to work with so that you can specialize, or you may pick a basket of services that you will offer to anyone who needs them.

On the other hand, if you’re good with any type of software such as educational software like you might want to offer your services to organize your client’s lessons so that they look super professional to their students. You may even choose to be a customer service VA or a do some basic graphics using software like The sky is truly the limit when it comes to your Virtual Assistant Business.

As I have said earlier when you start a VA business you need to know your niche and expertise. Because once you know what you’re great at then making the most money as a VA won’t be hard for you as people will trust you and value you based on your expertise.

Now. let’s talk about some hottest VA niches that are most profitable nowadays.

Hottest VA Niches that are worth exploring

Currently, the hottest VA niches that pays more right now has some sort of marketing attached to it, like content marketing. Let’s look at a few of these niches so that you can get a good idea of the different types of services that you can perform for your clients.

·         Social Media Manager – You can help your clients manage their social media. As a manager, you may not even do the tasks. You may direct their other VAs about what to do, or you may have your own assistants who perform the tasks that you direct. Alternatively, you can do everything yourself using automation. But overall, you’ll manage your client’s social media marketing efforts from A to Z.

·         Social Platform Expert – Market your expertise on a platform such as Pinterest Expert, Instagram Expert, and so forth. You’ll want to know the platform inside and out so that you can help your clients get the most out of their marketing efforts on that platform.

·         Facebook Live Consultant – Today, a lot of people like to use Facebook Live to market their business and expand their reach. If you know how to do it best, you can help your clients get the job done by advising them how to do it effectively.

·         YouTube Marketing Expert – Likewise if you’re good at building profitable and popular YouTube channels you can provide a few services as a consultant. Or, you may also just want to offer video editing services. Your clients can send you their raw footage which you edit, perfect and put online for them.

·         Sales Funnel Strategist – Everyone is all about the funnel today. Do you know how to develop and set up effective funnels for your clients? This is a wonderful way to offer services. The services may include funnel design, set up, and implementation using a certain technology, or you may agree to work with many technologies from, to, or others.

·         Business Consultant – A business consultant usually works with a particular type of business to help them achieve something. For example, you may choose to help other people start a successful business like yours or help them expand in a new way the way you did.

·         WordPress Expert – Anything you’re good at doing with WordPress from setting up certain additional software like, or template bending, or just adding new pages or managing updates, backups, and security is a great service to offer.

·         Content Writer or Copywriter – While these are considered businesses many virtual assistants offer services around content writing and even copywriting. They may write some blog posts, product descriptions, or even help edit a sales page all of which require skills in content writing and copywriting. But, they may only offer editing, formatting, and SEO help too.

·         Content Marketing Strategist – If you’re good at looking at the overall big picture for your clients to help them know what types of content they need, how to repurpose the content they have, and how to get the most out of content marketing you can become a content marketing strategist and manage a team to ensure it’s all implemented.

·         Facebook Ad Manager – Many business owners, such as coaches, product marketers and more like to run Facebook Ads. But, doing so can be a full-time job. It requires monitoring the ads that were posted, tweaking them, and even creating the ads with the help of a graphic designer. If you have proven results from ads this is a great niche.

·         Launch Strategist – Want to work with product creators? If so, a launch specialist who hands all the launches a business does is in high demand. You’d help ensure that all aspects of a launch are set up and going smoothly using either your own team or their team depending on how you want to set up your business.

·         Webinar Expert – Many online business owners conduct a lot of webinars to help bring in more business and build brand awareness. Even online course creators like to use webinars to create and market their courses. If you’re great with webinar technology, you can help your clients smoothly produce amazing webinars.

·         Live Event Expert – If you like more excitement, you can even be a live event expert as a VA. You can help your clients set up their live events ensuring that they’re successful even if you don’t attend the live event. Although, attending them can offer a wonderful balance between working at home and getting out in the world too.

·         Landing Page Expert – Today, most products have some form of landing page usually using specialized landing page software like, Thrive Pages, or something like that. If you’re an expert in a particular software, you can help your clients set up their landing pages. But you can also generalize and work with any software if you’re taking the role of advisor and letting someone else handle the technology.

·         Customer Service Manager – You can be a manager of customer service or you can simply provide customer service solutions for your clients. You can set up help desk software, then answer the help desk questions and deal with the issues as they come through.

·         Affiliate Manager – Another awesome position is that of affiliate manager. You can help manage your client’s affiliates getting them amped up to promote the products more, provide material for them to use to market the products, and troubleshoot issues with payments.

·         Technology Platform Expert – If you’re good at setting up and using any technology that’s in demand for your clients, you can market yourself as an expert in that technology. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shopping cart, a website builder, a course builder or something else.

These are some of the niches that end up paying more than others and usually, that involves working with a niche that happens to be experiencing a popularity surge matched with just the right services that they’re demanding. Next, we’ll look at some of these niches that are currently paying more but understand that with new technology the demand can always change.

Most profitable VA Niches that pays more

If you want to charge higher fees it’s important to find a niche to specialize that has less competition but high demand from your ideal customers. Usually, that involves being a true expert in some form of technology and being able to deliver amazing results for your clients using that technology.

·         Email Marketing – Email marketing is still one of the most important and effective forms of marketing that exists. If you really want to help your clients, become an expert in email marketing, including list building, using the software, and creating messages that make customers want to act.

·         Video Marketing – There are a lot of ways to go with this niche. You may want to offer your services to edit YouTube (or other) videos to make raw footage feel cohesive, unique, and effective. Perhaps you want to help advise video content creators on topics for their videos. Maybe you want to suggest the right technology to them such as sound, lighting, and how to get the best picture.

·         Funnel Marketing – Today, funnels are super-hot because people are starting to get a better understanding of how to use funnels to market their businesses more effectively. This is true especially due to the technology that makes it all a lot easier to set up. But, business owners often don’t have time to do this type of thing. If you can show them that you’re an investment, not an expense you can make quite a good fee for these services.

·         Social Media Marketing – Anything in this niche, especially if you specialize in the most popular and used social media that your ideal client wants to use for marketing will make you a very popular person. With this service, you can offer packages which can help you get off the trading hours for dollars train.

·         Content Marketing – This niche can be broken down into different types of content such as the ones mentioned above but can also be an overall strategist role. Being able to match the right content with your client’s audience at where they are in their buying cycle is a gift that will pay off in big ways.

·         Webinar Expert – If you know how to help clients run and use webinars to market their business you can make great money. You’ll need to know how to use the software, how to set up and invite people, and whatever else it takes to run a successful and profitable webinar and lead your client through it.

·         Affiliate Manager – In this position, you’ll be running your client’s affiliate program. You’ll help recruit super affiliates, create or direct the creation of marketing collateral, encourage more sales, develop and run contests and promotions. You may possibly even troubleshoot the technology or direct the tech person to do so.

·         Project Manager – Sometimes people have an entire team that they need help managing. Usually, you will take instructions from your client and pass them on to the right team member to be completed. You’ll check the work, submit the work to your client, and then manage payments for all contractors either by sending invoices to a bookkeeper or by handling it yourself depending on the set up you have with your client.  

But remember that when you decide to specialize it’s better to narrow down into a niche that you enjoy and passionately doing. It is best not to choose something that is general, as this could create stress in you in the long run. And I also want to tell you not to be fearful and think that you’ll miss out on alot of client opportunity once you niche down. Those are not true at all. I truly believe that if you are charging enough for your services you should have enough clients to earn a full time living or maybe more.

So, there you have it. You’ve read and learned the hottest and most profitable VA niches that pays more. I hope, I have given you proper insights on different VA niches that you can start learning and be an expert at.

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