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First, Let me introduce myself. My name is Rio Jacinto and i'm the owner of this site. Please seat back and take a moment to read more about me and learn on how i can serve your business needs.

My mini bio

I am a wife and  mom to a lovely 11 year old girl. I grow up in the Philippines but moved here in British Columbia, Canada way back year of 2007. My journey as a Virtual Assistant started early year of 2015. Most work i did before was just some basic data encoding and internet research. And  mostly, the jobs i had was just on project basis which means i don't have regular clients. Since pay check are not enough and not even stable i decided to stop my freelance career and just continue working with my regular paying job. However, freelance opportunities keeps on knocking on my door.  It was March 2017 when i got another VA gig. But i find myself i wanted to do more since the work i'm doing is really  basic VA jobs. I told myself i wanted to do more and to be more valuable to my clients. Two months passed and I've came to a decision to up-level my skills by enrolling to some courses to help me learn some skills. . Along with that decision I created, planned and set-up a time to study and practice the modules inside the Savvy Tech Training, Become a Pinterest VA and Blog by Number (The two courses i enrolled in is to help me build up my skills while the later one is for me to learn how to create a website and learn how to blog). I have also put some smart goals for myself to help me focus on my vision. That way i won't get distracted with other things that will not help me get into my goals. And i'm glad that so far, after implementing my everyday goals I am slowly learning valuable skills and i am very excited to assist my clients with my newly acquired skills. 


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