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My name is Rio Jacinto, the owner of this site.

I’m happy and glad you visited my website. Now that you’re here , I want you to please seat back and take a moment to read my mini bio and learn more on how I became a Virtual Assistant.

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I’m a Virtual Assistant helping busy business owners, bloggers and entrepreneurs build their successful dream business by handling their social media and digital marketing tasks.
— Rio Jacinto

My mini bio

I am a wife and mom to a lovely 12 year old girl. I grow up in the Philippines but moved in British Columbia, Canada way back year of 2007. My journey as a Virtual Assistant started early year of 2015. I was bored at home and thought of searching on the internet and look for work that I could do at home. Gladly, I’ve had read an articles and found a Facebook groups and joined them. Everyday, I hang-out in those groups. read posts and asked couple of questions. After 3-month of curiosity, I was able to land myself a small VA job as an encoder and internet researcher for a Food blogger in Belgium. I was happy back then because I realized that it is possible to have a part time online job. But later on, I decided to stop since I realized that I had only been working on a project basis and I don't get regular clients , plus the work pay is not even great. After I stopped my Virtual Assistant job, I continued working with my regular full time job.

However, opportunities keep on knocking on my door.  It was March 2017 when I got another VA gig. But since I’m only working on simple VA tasks I felt I’m ready to move into a more techie tasks and want myself to be valuable to my clients. And so, I came to a decision to up-level my skills. Part of that decision is to enroll to a selected online and academic program that could help me learn some skills while still working at my full time job.

Those programs I enrolled myself in are Become a Pinterest VA, Blog by Number (these programs helped me learn valuable skills that I offer my clients while the second one is for me to learn how to create and launch my website) and the last one I took just last year was Digital Marketing course at Red Academy - Vancouver.


Despite being busy I have committed myself to study and set time to practice the lessons from the programs I purchased, it helped also that I have put some smart goals for myself to help me focus on my vision. That way I won't get distracted with other things that won’t be helpful for me to reach my goals. And I'm glad that after implementing my everyday goals I have learned valuable skills and I’m very happy to help my clients with my acquired skills. 

If you’re a stay at home mom or a mom looking for a part time work to contribute with family finances or just wanting to change career and be a Virtual Assistant I want to tell you that you too can do what I did. Remember, I started way back 2015 and all I do was mainly encoding and it’s not even the techie side. So, If I was able to learn tech things that I never thought that I could learn then you can do it too. You just have to believe and take action.

Blog by Number course has helped me planned and launched my website.

Blog by Number course has helped me planned and launched my website.


As my way of motivating you and believing that you too can also become a Virtual Assistant and earn at home like me.

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